Residential ImmoCaution – Rent Guarantee without a deposit

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Make smart rentals with this deposit-free rent guarantee.

ImmoCaution® is a security insurance policy providing a rental guarantee without a bank deposit for tenants of a lease agreement, where the tenant does not have to tie up their money and can use it freely, by subscribing to ImmoCaution® via a broker or directly online. With ImmoCaution® the tenant only pays a modest annual insurance premium and our insurer undertakes to meet the expectations of the landlord as stipulated in the lease agreement to an amount not exceeding the sum insured.

The landlord benefits from a security bond for as much as three months’ rent, without incurring any fees. This security bond is issued by Atradius ICP, which has specialised for 60 years in the selection of credit risks for individuals in Belgium and Luxembourg.

ImmoCaution® is recommended by the national union of owners and co-owners, as well as by the majority of associations representing estate agents.

INSURERS – Atradius ICP, Rating A

YEAR – 2012

EuroCaution discontinues ImmoCaution Retail product on 31 July 2018