Unpaid rent insurance page (Property managers)

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In partnership with IBS Europe, EuroCaution offers the Serenity product, a complete protection package, which protects landlords’ interests. This product is reserved for property managers and landlords with more than 10 properties.

The insurer guarantees the beneficiary the reimbursement of any pecuniary losses they may incur due to non-payment, the default of tenant(s), of rent, charges and taxes (or occupancy indemnities) stipulated in the lease, and corresponding to the rental of the property unit(s) for which the management is entrusted to the underwriter, and for which the guarantee has been underwritten.

Pecuniary losses include:

  • rent, charges, taxes and occupancy indemnities owed by the tenant
  • property damage,
  • litigation costs and ancillary fees, as well as legal proceedings and eviction costs,
  • legal protection.

Other guarantees are available as an option such as, for example, reconstitution of notice, rental vacancy, and legal protection extended to third parties (non-owner occupier).


YEAR – 2017

EuroCaution discontinues the product on 31 July 2018