Financial (bank) guarantees and sureties

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An increasing proportion of public or private contracts require the provision of a guarantee or surety bond in order to secure the client or the administration.

The resulting need for sureties and guarantees leads to a reduction in credit lines with the bank and consequently to a reduction in your financing and investment possibilities.

Setting up a guarantee and bond line with an insurer helps you maintain your flexibility and helps to diversify your financial resources.

Thanks to the surety bonds and guarantees negotiated by EuroCaution, you will meet your counterparties’ security requirements while protecting your bank credit lines.

We offer the following bonds and guarantees:

  • completion
  • reimbursement of deposits
  • guarantee deduction
  • payment
  • environmental
  • loan guarantee

The advantages of EuroCaution:

  • Personalized advice from the only company specializing in guarantees and bonds
  • A rated insurers
  • Possibility to issue international guarantees
  • An in-house team of specialist underwriters
  • ability to join banks in syndicating a surety or bond line
  • Capacity to co-guarantee or sub-participate with another guarantor (bank or insurer) in the issuance of a an individual surety or bond and a guarantee line.



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