Conference – Sharp rise in commodity prices: what to do?

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Tuesday 05 July 2022

EuroCaution is pleased to invite you to the seminar organised in collaboration with Arendt, the Chamber of Commerce and the FEDIL on the theme: “Sudden rise in raw material prices: what to do?

The aim of this seminar is to present the economic context and the practical difficulties encountered by economic actors, in particular by industrialists and by professionals in the real estate or construction sectors. The speakers will share their testimonies, address legal issues such as renegotiation of contracts and present their concrete recommendations.

Date and venue :

Monday 11 July at 11:30 am at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in person.


  • Raymond Ackermann (Accumalux),
  • Norbert Brausch (Spuerkees),
  • Christel Chatelain (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Philippe Metzler (Félix Giorgetti),
  • Christian Point (Arendt)
  • Alessandro Rizzo (EuroCaution)
  • Anne-Sophie Theissen (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Gaston Trauffler (Fedil)
  • Astrid Wagner (Arendt)

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